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Simply VIKA

Rapper, Poet, Singer and Human Rights Activist 

Simply VIKA

Simply Vika is a musical artist, poet and activist who uses rap as the main form of expression to fight for gender equality and stop female discrimination.

She was born in Russia, raised in Israel, graduated College in the US and currently lives in New York City, which gives her the advantage of being able to write and rap in 3 different languages.

Vika’s style was created due to the idea of saying all the things that bother everyone but no one talks about.

Her songs combine social criticism, rebellion, and sarcasm along with a feministic touch.

But don't you get the wrong idea – she is all about positivity and humor and the good news is that there is no need to dig deep to catch that impression! A great example to it, is her single “I stand behind it” from the “Stigma” EP:


“I’ll show you who I am cause fu** it

I don’t care ‘bout judgment

I have crazy purple hair

Be my guest and brush it

I’m a little f**ked up and that’s just how I like it”


The colorful "screaming" look might confuse you, but in fact, Vika believes in being humble and hates bragging. With the true belief of "expressing yourself", she says whatever is on her mind, but you would never hear her bragging about money, looks or status. "Arrogance leads nowhere. I’m here to inspire others, not to show off”.

Vika herself was inspired by Eminem and Hopsin: "They don't care, they just say what's on their minds" she says, “I was listening to Eminem before I could even speak English, but I felt him!


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